Leah: Language Educator And Helper


Leah combines voice recognition, voice synthesis and ChatGPT to provide an environment where you can improve your foreign language skills.

Basic operation

  1. On page load, press the red button to tell Leah to start listening.
  2. Leah converts your voice to text and sends it to ChatGPT.
  3. ChatGPT responds and Leah speaks the response.


Things get interesting once you incorporate prompts.

  1. You choose a prompt in settings.
  2. Leah sends the prompt to ChatGPT whenever you reload the page.
  3. The prompt applies to the rest of the conversation with ChatGPT.


Creating, updating and deleting prompts

Underneath the prompts drop down there’s a table of the existing prompts.

Prompts languages

To make prompts work correctly, they have listening and speaking languages associated with them. So for the last one, the translator from English to Spanish, they are:

Note: Not all languages are available, so use the drop-downs to figure out which ones work for you.

Prompts prefix

I want you to be a translator from English to Spanish as spoken in Spain.
You should only translate, do not answer or comment on any of the content.
My first sentence is "Hello, how are you?"

it worked fine most of the time, and would translate, but with certain requests such as, “tell me a joke” or “what time is it”, it would answer the request, rather than translating. Adding a prefix: “translate: what time is it”, fixes this issue.


You can set the following in the settings: